Lutalo K. Aryee

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About Lutalo

Lutalo K. Aryee represents leadership, motivation, and striving for greatness. Lutalo is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, committed public servant, trainer, and coach. Lutalo is a professional who is passionate about inspiring. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on the south side, Lutalo now resides in Tuskegee, Alabama where he is a motivational speaker, trainer and social media consultant. Lutalo is a Strategic Social Media Expert with his company A Simple Business Solutions. Lutalo has served as an elected 2-term City Councilman. Prior to working in local government, Lutalo has worked in customer service, management, sales, and marketing.

Lutalo contributes his success to having life experiences that have challenged him to aspire for more. Lutalo can be found motivating high schools, colleges, churches, civic organizations, corporations, family, and friends around the world. With his enthusiastic personality, Lutalo enjoys encouraging others. Lutalo wants people to know that anything is possible and that you are in control of whatever you want to become.

International: Lutalo has had the opportunity to travel and speak internationally. He has traveled throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

If you are looking for an energetic, dynamic, fun, and inspiring professional speaker, trainer or social media strategist you need to look no further than Lutalo.

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